Move into a completely finished workplace with our fit-out services

Ready to get your workplace up and running? Our fit-out services allow you to be in business from the moment of handover. 

From the bare basics to complete, high-end, bespoke interior design, our team has vast experience completing all types of commercial, retail, and industrial workplaces. We work with you to determine the needs of your workplace, then source fittings within your budget that enhance both the functionality and aesthetic of your space.

As with all of our services, high-quality workmanship is our highest priority when approaching any fit-out of any size. Whether you want the final say over every design element or prefer to leave it in good hands, you can rest assured that every aspect of your fit-out will be in alignment with your needs and requests.


What Does Fit-Out Mean in Construction?

Fit-out refers to the interior finishing of a new build or construction. The fit-out process ensures that every interior detail is in place and ready to be used. This can refer to just the necessities, such as interior walls, plastering, lighting, electrical and flooring. It can also encompass the complete finishing of a space, including everything from furniture to decor.

Fit-Out Services

Commercial Fit-Out

When fitting out a commercial workplace, there are many components needed before it can be ‘work-ready’. From desks and chairs to communal areas and workplace kitchens, our office fit-out and corporate fit-out services ensure the space is ready for your workforce.

Retail Fit-Out

With our retail fit-out services, the only thing that will be missing in your new store is your product. From shelving and garment racks to service counters and change rooms, we ensure your shop has everything it needs.

Medical Clinic Fit-Out

Medical clinics often require specific fit-out components in order to function effectively. From storage and countertop space to ceiling-mounted privacy screens, reception desks, and waiting room furniture, we will ensure your clinic is patient ready.

Serviced Apartment Fit-Out

Ensure your serviced apartments are guest-ready with complete apartment fit-out. From kitchen installations to furniture, window treatments, and art, we can even source and supply standard essentials such as kitchen utensils, and televisions.

Bar & Restaurant Fit-Out

Our fit-out team will help you create a cohesive design for your restaurant or bar. With complete kitchen installation and custom furniture, you can ensure that the layout of your hospitality business works for both employees and customers.

Supermarket Fit-Out

From display freezers to in-store bakeries, service desks, and shelving, supermarkets require extensive fit-out before they’re ready for customers. Our team will work with you to understand your product offering and design an interior to match.

Studio & Gym Fit-Out

From theatres and dance studios to 24-hour gyms, our fit-out services can help you transform any build into a space for performance and fitness. We will be able to install equipment, wall mirrors, reception desks and everything else you need for a functional studio or gym.

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